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During NSW inquiry of Former CEO of Crown Resorts, Rowan Craigie said that Crown Resorts’ suitability to hold a casino licence in the state.

Mr Craigie told the hearing that the casino group didn’t have normal contact with consulate officials in China. It was for visa officials to finally decide who could travel to its Australian casinos.

Investigations revealed that Crown employees in China indicated one of three levels of support when applying for their clients under a visa application scheme. Mr Craigie left Crown in 2017.

He turned down an offer from Scott Aspinall, that it showed Crown was awaiting visa processing based on Crown’s recommendation. Mr Craigie said it was part of a checklist designed to raise the standard of Crown’s visa applications, after officials raised a high level of fraud in 2010, with one in every 10 of Crown’s visas being denied.

The inquiry reported that Crown workers prepared a letter to support a visa application for a Chinese businessman in 2013. Although they knew he had been under arrest for two years for insider trading.

Crown helped to get visas for associates of one of the main junket operators, the international criminal fugitive Tom Zhou. This reports revealed by Fairfax.

In addition, Mr Craigie told that he wasn’t aware that Crown’s VIP team opened an office near the Australian consulate in Guangzhou. As well as he didn’t know about setting up a separate visa processing business registered in an employee’s name.

Mr Craigie told:

“People will attempt to cheat at casinos, to money launder at casinos, everyone recognises that,” Mr Craigie said.

“No one is under any illusion that casinos aren’t the target for criminal activity, that’s been the history of the industry. The question is, do you have the right steps in place to lower the risk? But you will never eliminate it.”

NSW inquiry of Former CEO of Crown Resorts continues this week.

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