Best Mobile Poker App for Real Money Players

Mobile Poker App has evolved into a thrilling and creative way to play Poker by people from various parts of the world. Apart from the flexibility it offers while on the go, real money players can also enjoy poker on their mobile devices when having a fun road trip.  

Nowadays, so many online pokers rooms provide Mobile Poker Apps for Real Money Player to enjoy this game. However, before choosing a Poker App, there are so many factors must be put into consideration. 

Factors to consider when choosing an Online Poker App

  • Security of the platform: It is vital to pick a mobile poker app that uses SSL security rather than plain HTTP. This is to ensure the security of the platform.  
  • Good traffic: A mobile poker app with good traffic gives you the room to find amazing games from any region of the world.   
  • Sever reliability: Websites that have weak server experience a lot of connectivity issues. Therefore you need a platform with a reliable server.  
  • Sign up bonuses: An excellent mobile poker app must offer great bonuses on new accounts. 
  • Ease of use: Take a look at the game features and functionality and ensure that the buttons are easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about misclick.  
  • Ease of deposit and withdrawal: Also ensure that the process of making a deposit and withdrawing of funds are secure and smooth. 

Best Online Poker Apps 

PokerStars Android App

PokerStars Andriod App is free to download a mobile app, which offers vast functionality to real money players. However, this app varies from countries to countries which imply that residents of European nations need to download the EU Pokerstar app while those in the US must download the US PokerStar app. With the PokerStar app, you can play tournament, cash games, lottery-style, Spin and Go, Sit and Go and ZOOM poker. Some of the amazing features of this outstanding mobile poker app include; personalized avatars, quick seating option, ability to chat and replay hands, a mobile cashier which allows you to manage your bankroll and make real money transactions on the go. To sign up on the PokerStars mobile app is quite easy. Just follow these steps. 

  • Download PokerStars client or app 
  • Choose a username and signup 
  • Deposit money and start playing for real money.


  • Best known mobile poker app 
  • Slick software with advanced functionalities 
  • 24 hours of withdrawal options 
  • A good benefits program for recreational; players 


  • Optimized for Android and iPhone device only 
  • Tough games 

888 Poker App

888 Poker App is another fantastic mobile poker app for real money players and perfect for professional players. So, its amazing functionalities and features include solid Wi-Fi, easy-to-navigate lobby, smooth gameplay, minimize clicking of the wrong buttons due to large action buttons, bet slider, Web easier, quick seat options, ability to chat.  At your first download, you will get a free $99 + 100% bonus. The 888 Poker iPhone app is designed for the newer version of iOS devices like iPhones and iPads; players need to have the latest version to download them. 


  • Lots of potentials to make profit 
  • So many poker games 
  • Various payment options 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Available on iPhone, Android iPad and even on Blackberry 


  • No Rakeback deals 
  • Not available to US players 

Party Poker App

Party Poker App offers real money players up to $500 bonus at on their initial deposit. But, apart from the registration bonus, other tons of bonuses can be earned while playing this game.  


  • Lots of promotions.  
  • 24 hours live support 
  • Many payment options 
  • Fast withdrawal  
  • 15-second seat reservation  


  • Software still lacks some essential features when compared to other Mobile Poker Apps 

What Are the Benefits Of Playing Poker on Mobile? 

Playing Mobile Poker offers so many advantages, which include: 

  • Wide range of games to choose from: Playing mobile poker opens you up to a variety of games to choose from. At present, there are so many mobile poker apps packed with different types of games that you can play conveniently and download on the go. 
  • Convenient: Mobile poker is also convenient to play; all you need to do is unlock your mobile device, click on the app to get started. There is no need to get dressed and spend lots of money getting to a poker room. In addition, funding your account is much more secure and easier, and you won’t have to carry a large amount of money to the poker club. On the other hand, you can also play mobile poker while watching TV, having a cup of coffee, taking a break at work or at night when you want to keep yourself busy.  
  • Enjoy Lower Rakes: When compared to actual casinos, the rakes of mobile pokers are quite low. While mobile pokers offer you around 5 percent with a $3 maximum rake, poker rooms, on the other hand, offer you 10 percent with a maximum of $5 per hand. Mobile poker offers fewer rakes because the cost of operating them is less than the regular poker rooms.  

Other Advantages:

  • Get Exclusive Bonuses: Mobile poker comes with so many exclusive bonuses for players. One of such bonus is the welcome bonus which you will get on your first deposit using your mobile device. Moreover, there are also many other bonuses and promotional offers for the ongoing tournament for all players.
  • Enjoy High-Quality Games: Mobile pokers do not compromise the quality of the games. Most importantly, you will get good games with great sound, impeccable graphics, and an ultimate poker experience while playing mobile poker using any of your mobile devices.  
  • Simple process: The process of downloading and installing your poker app on a mobile device is quite simple and takes a few steps. Above all, you need to go to Google play store, pick your mobile app, click download, and start playing your favourite poker game. 

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