Live Dealer Casinos for Australians

If you want to know all about Live Dealer Casinos for Australians, you’re in right place. Live Dealer Casinos are popular among people in Australia and they enjoy games like online pokies, live roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker.

All You Need To Know About Live Dealer Casinos

In the last few years, online casino sites have carried out a lot of innovations. The aim was to ensure that players have a feel of the real world casino entertainment. One of such changes that have become successful is the introduction of live dealer casinos.

Live dealer casinos also allow Australian players to have a first-hand experience of the same atmosphere they would get at a table in any luxurious casino resort without leaving their homes. Everything about the game, from the dealers, tables, cards, and even real-time television programming is real to create a fantastic experience for the players.

Playing live dealer casino is not only also safe and legal in Australia, when you play live dealer casinos you also get to interact and socialize with other players and dealers. 


  • Real casino experience
  • A better social environment
  • Live casino bonuses
  • Attractive dealers
  • Efficient payouts
  • New software providers


  • Slower games
  • Some dealers are difficult to understand

Tips on How to Play Live Dealer Casino Games

  • Don’t chase your loss. One mistake most players make is to chase their losses while playing live dealer games. Although the main idea of visiting a live casino is to have fun and make money, however, you must keep in mind that there are winning and losing days. If luck does not shine on you, it is best to leave the casino and try next time than chasing your loss.
  • Turn to Pit Boss. If you suspect that the live dealer made some types of mistake, then you should turn to the supervisor. This supervisor is known as the Pit Boss to lay your complaint. The Pit Boss also helps to solve all problems that may arise during the game.
  • Know When to Stop. There are players who can never get satisfied with their winning. If you have won some cash, you must know when to leave the table unless you want to lose everything you have won, including your initial budget.

Another main tips for Australians who want play Live Dealer Casinos:

  • Have a good playing strategy. Before playing a live dealer casino game, it is vital to have a winning strategy. Having a winning strategy doesn’t only help you win games; it also helps you to plan your next move.
  • Know the live casino etiquette. You must know all the necessary etiquette of playing live dealer games. For instance, while playing live casino; all players want respect for themselves. In addition, abusive languages, complaint, and promotion of other live casinos are not acceptable.
  • Organize your time. Gambling at live dealers can sometimes make you lose track of your time. Therefore, it is important to organize your tome. You should dedicate just one or two hours to gambling while doing something else with your time.
  • Find the best promotions. Live casinos also have promotions that are designed for live games; these promotions can help boost your chances of winning. However, before claiming your bonuses, it is vital to read through the wagering requirement and bonus terms.

How Live Dealer Online Casinos Work

Live Dealer Casinos are held remotely in a casino environment and broadcasted to players over the internet; they have everything you expect in a local establishment like tables, cards, dealers, and shuffling. Here is a layout of Live Dealer Casinos for Australians.

  • Starts in a studio. All live dealer casino games are streamed live from a studio. Usually, the dealers are attractive and well-dressed female. A high definition camera is pointed at them throughout the game so that you get to see them clearly while dealing with the cards.
  • Streamed in real-time. All live casino games will stream on your computer screen. Whatever you find the dealer doing on your screen takes place live. Live casinos do not use recordings. Instead, they offer live chat where you can interact with other players and dealers.
  • Playing live dealer card games. When playing live dealer card games, the playing cards have a barcode on them. When the dealer swipes the card, the player place hand into the set for safety and compliance. Each player can make use of multiple camera angles to see the cards and tables, including a wide-angle camera from the player’s perspective.
  • Live online casino experience. While playing live online casino, attentions are paid to details using HD quality video to make the game pop on the screen. The playing cards are large while the graphics are enhanced; the controls are also functional to ensure you do not lose out when there is a loss in network connections.

Special features of a live casino

Although some live dealer has more features than the others, here are some general features of live dealer casino games:

  • Multi-Game Interface. Many casinos offer multi-game interface which allows the player to gamble at several tables at a time.
  • Basic Strategy Implementation. Basic strategy implementation helps players not to lose an active bet on a table even when their connection goes off during the game.
  • Game Requests. This allows service providers to listen to players and attend to their request.
  • Multiple Cameras. Players have access to multiple cameras, from all sides to see displayed cards on the table.
  • Dual-Camera Angles. There is also a dual-camera for players who want to have a more realistic view of their experience.
  • Audio Chat. Most live dealer also provides live audio chat. Through the live chat, players can communicate with the dealers who get to respond using a microphone so that you can hear her voice loud and clear.
  • Immersion. The games are also very interactive which make it feel as if you are part of the action, dealers will wait for you to make a decision and if you don’t act in time you will be skipped. Once the game is over, the winner will be automatically paid by the software straight into their account.

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