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The Star Casino has come under fire with its reaction to a man’s attempt to enter a casino.

Security guards told a man to ‘cool off for 10 minutes’ and then come back inside ’ whos had a 48-degree temperature. Then The Star Casino coronavirus protocols have come under analysis after this case.

And the satirical news site The Chaser posted a viral video. But The Star said the video was edited and does not reflect what happened.

A presenter put a heat pack on his forehead to artificially raise his temperature.

Guards use a thermometer gun to check a temperature when the man wants to enter the gaming floor. But when the temperature is 48 degrees, the security guards tell the man to cool down and come back. A guard suggests that maybe his ‘Russian hat’ prevents for the reading.

Moreover, two months ago a coronavirus-positive man visited the Star. As well as, on July 4, a gambler visited the casino and was later found to be infected.

A Chaser presenter came at the casino in a hospital gown at the beginning of the video. He attempted to enter but they did not allowed.

The casino said in a statement that it is a satirical stunt. The video published absolutely doesn’t show reality. In addition, the casino noticed that no one with high temperature can entry to the casino. As well as, we reported the hospital gown episode to the police.

In the 24 hours, New South Wales recorded four new COVID-19 cases. Currently, there are 136 active coronavirus cases.

Officil page of The Star Entertainment.

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