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NSW Poker Machines are working again after COVID-19!

Gamblers are back to play poker machines in New South Wales. Despite social distancing restrictions in pubs and clubs, and limiting the number of machines in venues, the data showing turnover is at pre-COVID-19 levels.

NSW Clubs took slightly during the first week in June, more than an average week in June last year. And the hotel’s turnover was up by 31 per cent more than last year. According to the government decision, the clubs and pubs shut down for 10 weeks. These places hit their main revenue source in an industry that earned $6.5 billion last year.

Justine Channing is a specialist who has 25 years experience in the gaming industry. She said that the hotels and clubs in the cities and regional areas had positive results. According to her, the big clubs might still be fighting due to restrictions on patron numbers, but medium-size clubs are working very well. She also said that, clubs reacted to the restrictions by rejecting underperforming games.

The government’s early access program for people struggling with financial hardships with coronavirus was for old age deductions of up to $ 10,000 per person. But gamblers squandered this on gambling sites and online betting.

Tony Mohr, Alliance for Gambling Reform executive director, said that there was a big rise in gambling. It was after the global financial crisis when $1000 cheques were posted to people to stimulate the economy. It may be that people are using early access to superannuation in a similar way.

The pandemic also affected to NSW Poker Machines.

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