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The affect of COVID-19 to the Australian Casino Industry

In accordance with Australian gambling statistics: “Aussies are casino hobbyists and enthusiasts all over the world.”

COVID-19 has affected many industries all over the world, also Australia has had a big impact on the casino industry. For statistics, more than AUD 4 billion in income is generated every year from the casino industry. So, it means, this industry has affected from coronavirus.

COVID-19 has raised sharply in Australia at the beginning of March, and that’s why many states and territories began an announcement of restrictions. New South Wales was negatively impacted by this case. Due to coronavirus outbreaks, the second week of July, the government made an announcement about the closures or limitations of 19 casino venues. The most popular and largest casinos, such as Star Sydney, Crown Towers and others, had to limit their activities during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the shutdown of Australian’s land-based casinos in Spring 2020 for a couple of months. There were some requests by some casino owners to open their gates within the next few weeks. But Australian higher authorities would want to impose the lockdown for a longer time to keep their residents safe. As coronavirus continues to impact on the several industries, land-based casinos face the brunt. Because players have turned to online casinos. It obviously seems that the coronavirus pandemic may have a huge impact on the Australian land-based casinos.

Some establishments say they will reopen. But some have announced that they will remain closed.

Moreover, there are some restrictions as followings:

  • Minimum 6ft physical distancing inside the casino.
  • Wearing masks & gloves.
  • Sanitization after machine use.
  • The limitation of the number of players allowed at gaming tables.

We can see the affect of COVID 19 not only on the casino industry but also on other industries too.

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